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Angelo IV H

marzo 16, 2008 alle 5:00 pm

Creative writing- Write an article about King Duncan’s death

The Dark Age

A terrible event!

Yesterday our beloved king was killed. Who could do that?

Some blood was found on the grooms’ faces, but why?

It is rumoured that three witches were wandering through the woods, making prophecy about the future king.

The main suspects are on Macbeth and his wife.

A witness states he overheard Lady Macbeth instigating her husband to kill King Duncan.

Is this true? Who knows!

Who killed King Duncan?

Will the mystery be solved?

2 Gaia IV H

marzo 16, 2008 alle 5:23 pm

Creative writing – Write a page of Macbeth’s diary

I can’t believe it! I have done it!

My hands have acted while my eyes were blind.

I’m sure I’ll never forget; was this the right thing to do?

Were the witches right? Won’t I be killed!

My wife is always repeating “We have only accelerated the event don’t worry!”

I would not like to worry! But she has not seen what I have seen, she has not felt what I have felt; the spirits will never leave me alone!

After all the prophecy was clear, it was written in my destiny.

God, can you forgive me? Do I deserve the kingdom?

My people will have a king who has killed for power.

How long is going to last my kingdom? Is my life linked to a prophecy? Will I be killed or not?

Am I destined to suffer all my life long?

Do I have to live to pay for my crimes?

I hope I don’t lose my wife as if I lose her I would lose myself!

3 Marco IV H

marzo 16, 2008 alle 5:31 pm

Creative writing. Interview Macbeth

1 Why did you want to become king?

Because three witches told me that I was to be the future king

2. Why did you kill King Duncan and Banquo?

Because I wanted to fulfill the prophecy

3. Why did your wife committed suicide?

I have no answer… probably she repented to instigate me to kill the king

4. Is your personality changed?

Yes… damned power!

4 Myriam e Alessandro IV H

marzo 16, 2008 alle 6:08 pm

Creative writing

Stabbed in the sleep

Who did that terrible action?

In Macbeth’s castle,king Duncan was murdered while sleeping. He was so generous, respectful, he loved his people.

Who hated him so much? Why?

Who wanted his throne?

Macbeth and his wife have been arrested

The two denied to have heard any suspect noise apart from the soldiers knocking on the door. After two hours interrogation Macbeth and his wife have been released .

The funeral will be celebrated at 10.00 the Cathedral.

We only want to pay our last greetings to the great beloved king of Scottish

5 bibliomottura

marzo 16, 2008 alle 9:55 pm

Well done!

Prof. Castiglione

6 Federica IV H

marzo 18, 2008 alle 12:49 pm

Creative writing- Write an article about King Duncan’s death

Scotland news

Alarm! King Duncan has been killed; Macbeth is in prison, now!

Who will be the new king?

This morning the body of King Duncan was found in Macbeth’s castle. the police has declared that the murderer is Macbeth because they have found the murder weapon: a gun.

The popular assembly of the witches and all of us must vote the new king, now.

Next week all schools will be closed.

The candidates to the throne are:

Lady Macbeth: in order to recover the respectability of her family.

Banquo: in order to recover the order of the reign.

A representative of the witch: in order to stress their value.

Who will win these unexpected elections?

We don’t know but we will vote for the best.

Tomorrow we will know news about Macbeth right from the court.

7 Alessio e Fabio

marzo 20, 2008 alle 8:32 am

Creative writing-Write another end for Macbeth

Macbeth was killed!

Yesterday night he was found stabbed in his bed.

The first hypothesis is that he was killed because he was a threat for King Duncan.

Un video che riassume la storia di Macbeth in inglese


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